NFA Policy: Dogs must also be leashed at all times on all NFA properties.

Dogs are wonderful pets and deserve to spend time outdoors exploring the world.  The NFA
welcomes your visit to our various properties throughout Newtown with your dog and hopes
you enjoy the time you spend visiting one of our preserves.  However, dogs can sometimes do
serious damage to the natural world and startle and frighten other people and their pets.  

At the Holcombe Hill Wildlife Preserve as well as many of our
other meadowed properties, this policy is particularly important.  Off-leash dogs can harass or
kill wildlife, disturb understory vegetation and degrade the banks of watercourses.  This
damage may seem insignificant or even unnoticeable to us, but to birds nesting in a meadow
or native plants just peeking through the soil, the disturbances can be severe—even deadly.

Most dog
owners know their animals well and trust them not to do anything inappropriate when
encountering another person or pet.  However, for many people and even other dogs, off-
leash dogs can be truly frightening. We want all of our visitors to enjoy our preserves and feel
safe while walking the trails.  We all know how increasingly rare quiet moments in the outdoors
have become.

Dog waste left on a trail can spoil that quiet moment for other visitors, so please pick up after
your dog. Waste should never be thrown into a creek, pond or wetland.  This can present a
health threat to aquatic life and even humans.  Please bring a waste bag with you and
dispose of it when you get home

Dog Policy (Effective September 1, 2007,Revised November 30, 2011)
Newtown Forest Association
Connecticut's Oldest Private Land Trust