Our community has been very fortunate to have such wonderful people embrace the importance of preserving open space
through their very generous donation to the NFA.  

We value the intentions of our benefactors and have some rules that we ask all users respect.

All NFA properties are held in trust and are open to the public from sunrise to sunset.  

We encourage property users to help support us through
membership contributions.  

Many of the larger properties listed below have hiking trail systems, however, we do not have trail maps for all properties.  
Most properties are well identified and property borders posted, however, judgement must be exercised when signs may be
missing and you near other abutting properties.  In addition, not all trails are clearly marked.  If you would be interested in
helping our Stewardship committee with trail blazing or property border posting, contact one of our
Board members.

We practice the
Leave No Trace philosophy and expect all users to respect our so the property will remain preserved in

Although specific properties may have added restrictions,
we do not permit motorized vehicles, hunting, fires,
excavation, dumping or harvesting on any of our properties
.  Please ensure that all pets are leashed (effective
September 1, 2007) at all times (click for Dog Policy).  Use not within the parameters established herein require advance
written permission from the NFA.

On several of our properties have embraced the new
Newtown Forest Association
Connecticut's Oldest Private Land Trust
NFA Headquarters

Holcombe Hill Wildlife Preserve
Holcombe Preserve Memorial Trail
Hattertown Pond Preserve
Paul E. Cullens Wildlife Preserve
Nettleton Preserve
Fosdick Preserve
Greenleaf Farms Preserve & Equestrian Ridge
Newtown Town Forest
Brunot Preserve
Jay Preserve
Knotts Memorial Trail
Cobbler's Ridge
Mulhollond - Pond Brook
The Wasserman Preserve
Cavanaugh Pond
Bloom Preserve
196 Hattertown Preserve
The Glen - Sandy Hook Center

Other owned properties

Property Protected by Conservation easements

Please excuse us while our site is under
construction.  As property biographies are
completed the web site will be populated.