Address:  110 Boggs Hill Road at the intersection of Willowbrook Road
Total Acres Preserved: 66.354
Acres Owned:  66.354
Abuting Town Owned Open Space: __ (excluding the school grounds)
•        Raymond B. Fosdick, 1961, 41.41 acres
•        Elizabeth M. Fosdick, 1968, 14.67 acres
•        Elizabeth B. Angell, 1970, 3.74 acres
•        Trygvie L. Solvang Builders, Inc., 1988, 6.53 acres
Parking: 110 Boggs Hill Road or Head Of Meadow School



The Fosdick Preserve is an assemblage of five properties that straddle Boggs Hill Road near the
intersection of Willowbrook Road.  On the west side of Boggs Hill Road visitors will find excellent hiking
along two miles of trails over pleasant woodland and hilly terrain.  As one climbs the hill from the Head O’
Meadow School parking lot, a full-flowing brook offers waterfall scenes to photo-buffs.  Hikers will be
treated to several stonewalls, interesting rock outcroppings and varied and interesting terrain.  A mixture
of various hardwood trees comprise this relatively young, aggrading forest.  The absence of larger, older
trees belies its
former use as pastureland.

On the east side of Boggs Hill Road, two large boulders mark the entry to 1,700 feet of trail that will guide
the intrepid explorer through a complex of swamp and wetland features, bedrock outcroppings, and
several fine beech trees.

Fosdick Preserve
November 2004
Newtown Forest Association
Connecticut's Oldest Private Land Trust
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