Geocaching has become a new pastime enjoyed by individuals, families and groups.  The idea is to have individuals set up caches at
various locations and share the locations of these caches and the coordinates on the Internet. Global Positioning System (GPS) users
can then use the location coordinates to find the caches. Once found, a cache may provide a wide variety of cache items. The cache
visitor is asked to leave an item in the cache for the one they remove. The Geocache community uses the Internet extensively for posting
cache locations.  Trust me when I say this, we will make this an easy and quick process as we want to encourage use of our lands.  If you
are interested in suggestions on properties on which to place caches as well feel free to reach out to the Stewardship Committee.

Geocaching Guidelines
The Geocaching Agreement Form is an application for registration and placement of a geocache on lands owned by the Newtown Forest
Association. Please supply all the information requested. You must present the form to the Stewardship Committee for approval. The
geocache site location is subject to review by the Stewardship Committee or designee. Completion of a Geocache Agreement Form is
required following review of your information.  Email information and requests to

The following guidelines apply to all geocaches on Newtown Forest Association properties:
•      Placement of geocaches on NFA lands requires authorization of the Stewardship Committee.  This authorization will be considered through
   a review process which insures its location is compatible with other land management plans for that individual property.
•        A geocache contact person responsible for necessary upkeep of the site must be identified prior to approval by the Stewardship Committee.
•        There should be no earth disturbance or vegetative impact to any approved site. Nor should the cache be readily discernible by the general public.
•        Cache(s) shall not be placed in a plastic (PVC) pipe or more than 100 feet from a main trail.
•        Cache name must be clearly visible on the exterior of all geocache containers. A green and white NFA sticker (provided upon Stewardship Committee
  approval) should be placed on the container. The cache name must be the same on the sticker, Identification Form, and any web site postings.
•        The cache may not be placed or on or in stream banks, riparian zones, wetlands, prehistoric and historic archaeological sites, ecologically sensitive
  areas, unique geological features, dam structures, or unsafe areas. You must contact the Stewardship Committee for possible additional
  restrictions or questions concerning the proposed location.
•        A cache may remain at the approved site for no more than three years at which time it must be removed, the site restored to its original condition,
  and the Stewardship Committee informed in writing of the removal. This will control cache abandonment and assist in preventing renegade trail
   development to the site.  Relocation on the same property in a different location is appropriate, however a new application is required.
•        Unauthorized geocaches on NFA properties will be removed and treated as abandoned property, and the responsible person may be cited for littering.
•        Responsible party shall delete site location(s) from all publications and/or website(s) within seven days of removal.

Feel feel free to contact us by phone at 203-270-3650 or by mail to PO Box 213, Newtown, CT 06470

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