Address:  Castle Meadow Road & Maltbie Road

Acres Owned by NFA: 119 acres

Parking and access:  Castle Meadow Road (near Sign) &
On Maltbie Road - trail head to right of driveway #30 (look for 6"x6" NFA sign)
Trails: Several, obvious but poorly marked.  Map available in Newtown Trails Book hard to
follow.                           Keep fixated on the pond to direct yourself.  Please honor abuting property
owners border     
markers. Trails connected to bridal paths.

The majority of the preserve was donated in 1967 by Anna Lord Straus totaling 94 acres.   
The 27 acre pond was created in 1867 to provide a power supply for the Peck's Saw Mill, and a
succession of mills.  

In 1917 the pond property was sold by Esther Morgan to BHC and then to Don Zemo who, in 1989 offered
the pond to the NFA in exchange for a corridor of land between his lot and the pond.   This parcel
providing Mr. Zemo access to the pond and a second land owner currently prevent trails from both sides
to connect with one another.

Directions from Flag Pole:  To > Maltbie Trail Head
RT 25 South approx 2.6 miles to Orchard Hill Road                       
                                 Bear Quickly Left on to Huntington Road for approx 2.7 miles
                                 Turn Right onto Maltbie Road approx 1/2 mile (cross Castle Hill Road)
                             To > Castle Hill Road Preserve Entrance        
Follow Maltbie road directions except at stop sign on Maltbie turn
                                          Right onto Castle Hill Road approx 1/4

TRAIL MAP                        

Straus Preserve - Hattertown Pond
Sign on Castle Meadow
S side of lake looking North
W side of lake looking East.
November 2004.
Newtown Forest Association
Connecticut's Oldest Private Land Trust
Road to Spillway
Trail on opposite side of pond
Interior trail
Ice house foundation
Elevated view of pond