Address:  Great Hill Rd & Birch Hill Road
Donors:  Josephine H. Holcombe (76 acres), L.Randall (2 acres)
NFA Owned Acres Preserved:  78 acres (76 per sign)
Abutting Open Space owned by Town of Newtown: appox. 30 acres

Parking and access:  Yes
Trails: Yes,
maps available at the kiosk.  Click for Trail Map #1 and Trail Map #2.

One of two properties donated by Josephine Holcombe, this property sits at the bottom of Holcombe hill
off of Great Hill Rd.  With well kept hiking paths, it is a favorite for midday walks.  

The lower meadow on the property hosts many trees that have been planted in memory of people that
have passed.  There is also a secluded section, hidden away from any trails, where Mrs. Holcombe buried
the ashes of her beloved dogs during her lifetime.

Directions:  From Flag Pole.  Turn onto West Street.  At bottom of hill bear right onto Castle Hill Road.  
Continue straight to stop sign and turn left onto Great Hill Road.  Approximately 1/4 mile on left will be the
red barn where the trail head starts.

GEOCACHING ON THIS PROPERTY - Several caches have been stashed here for the geocacher's out
there.  Click
link to view coordinates.  

Holcombe Preserve Memorial Trail
Newtown Forest Association
Connecticut's Oldest Private Land Trust
Sign on Great Hill Road
November 2004, field off
Great Hill Road