Address:  Pond Brook Road
Donor: Pauline P. Mulholland in 5.6 acres in 1959 & 25 acres in 1987
Acres Owned by NFA: 30.6

Parking and access:  Limited

Although there is little road frontage on Pond Brook, this expansive property unveils a gorgeous  landscape of northern
woodlands intertwined with small clearings and large bedrock outcroppings.

Travel from the street and cross Pond Brook.  Upon traversing the stream climb the bank upward into the middle of this
now heavily wooded property.  Where the property levels off the find small clearings covered by a canopy of mature
maples, beeches and oaks.  Continue west to the original property donated in 1959 and head toward the large bedrock
outcroppings and find the engraved placard memorializing this donation.  The elevation change from the Pond Brook
Road to the properties highest point is over 250.  The property is immediately adjacent to approximately 7 acres of Town
owned property that provides access via an abandoned road bed.

There are
GEOCACHES hidden at this site:
Hidden July 2010
Mulholland Preserve by Giriando & GEL - with permission of the NFA
(Puzzle Cache 7 total in the series)

Mulholland Preserve
Newtown Forest Association
Connecticut's Oldest Private Land Trust
Picture of Steve Truitt, our 2005
summer intern, points to the current
location on a map.  Off in the distance
you will find the engraved placard as
seen above.