July 2011 - NFA Names Tim Gagne to Board of Directors

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Whispers in the Forest
Newtown Forest Association
Connecticut's Oldest Private Land Trust
NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT (July 16, 2011)—The Newtown Forest Association (NFA), Connecticut’s oldest private land trust, recently named Tim
Gagne to its Board of Directors.

A 20-year resident of Newtown, Mr Gagne grew up camping and hiking throughout the Eastern U.S and Canada with the Boy Scouts and with his
family. As a teen, he was an active volunteer with the Connecticut Audubon Society in Fairfield. This deep connection with nature has inspired him to
spend the bulk of his professional career working for non-profit groups (such as The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk) and to support local
organizations, including Cullens Youth Association, the Newtown Torpedoes swim team, Newtown Public Schools, and Newtown Forest Association.
He lives with his wife and four children near Newtown’s famous flagpole.

Mr. Gagne’s focus as an NFA board member is to manage the marketing and publicity functions of the Association, including press releases,
newsletters, brochures and the groups brand identity.

The Newtown Forest Association, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is the oldest private land trust in Connecticut. NFA is dedicated to accumulating
and preserving open space and natural resources in Newtown, Connecticut, for the benefit of the community and all nature lovers. Currently, more
than 1,100 acres are preserved through NFA stewardship, thanks to the support of membership dues and generous donors. The NFA cooperates
with but operates independently from  the Town of Newtown and receives no funding from the Town.

For more information on the Newtown Forest Association, visit www.NewtownForestAssociation.org; and join the Newtown Forest Association
Facebook group.