February 19, 2014 -

Northern Fairfield Land Trust Coalition to
Participate in Fairfield County Community
Foundation’s Online-Giving Challenge,
“Giving Day”

The Northern Fairfield Land
Trust Coalition, comprised of six Danbury-area
land trusts, is participating in “Giving Day” to
raise funds for their shared services program.
“Giving Day”, sponsored by the Fairfield
County Community Foundation, is a
community-wide online giving challenge which
seeks to increase philanthropy throughout
Fairfield County for participating nonprofit
organizations.  The six area land trusts that
make up the Northern Fairfield Land Trust
Coalition - Bethel Land Trust, Brookfield Open
Space Legacy, The Land Trust of Danbury,
New Fairfield Land Trust, Newtown Forest Association and The Land Conservancy of Ridgefield, signed a Memorandum
of Understanding last month and are committed to working together in a way that will make each land trust stronger and
yet spread the word about the need to protect our vital resources.

Each land trust is registering individually during this challenge, however, donations acquired will be used towards the
land trusts’ shared services program.

“Giving Day offers us a unique opportunity to let many people know about the work of land trusts and support this work in
a way that protects our community through the combined efforts of each land trust,” stated Guy Peterson, Chairman of the
newly formed group.  
The challenge spans just 24 hours from midnight, March 6 to midnight, March 7.  By pooling resources and working
together by sharing services such as fundraising, community outreach, and land stewardship, the land trusts will become
stronger, individually and collectively.       

To donate, visit www.FCGives.org and use the search feature or click on the category buttons to find land trusts of the
Northern Fairfield Land Trust Coalition and then click donate.

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