Preserving Lands for Open Space - We can assure land donors that their wishes for the future use of their
contributions will be respected year after year.  Our mission is to preserve this land as open space and our continued
success will be measured by seeing the landscape of Newtown maintain its present rural character.  Our land
stewardship program requires the ongoing monitoring, upkeep and trail maintenance of our properties.

Land Donations and Charitable Contributions - Our land had been obtained through the generous donations of our
local landowners and developer required open space allotments.  The landowners donate this land to us to preserve the
land in perpetuity and often provide the donor a charitable income tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the
donated land.  These deductions will generally help the donor reduce its income tax obligations.
(*)   We also accept
conservation easements which essentially result in the landowner giving up their development rights; the fair value of
which can also be deducted as charitable contributions.  As a 501c(3) organization, we can also receive donations of
cash or investment securities that result in charitable deductions.  If you are interested in obtaining more information or
donating land, conservation easements, investment securities or cash, please contact any of our
Board of Directors or
Treasurer directly.  Please also see how we evaluate a property for donation against our Land Acquisition Criteria.

Membership - Membership offers the opportunity to participate in our annual association meeting. This meeting brings
our members together with the Board of Directors to discuss and vote on upcoming issues and concerns.  Click
"Membership Application" for information about joining.

Volunteering - The all volunteer Board of Directors always welcomes the assistance of volunteers to assist them on
committees, event planning, public relations or doing periodic maintenance and monitoring of one or more of the Forest
Association properties.  Those of you who already walk on one of the many trails throughout our properties can help by
just keeping the Board informed of problems that need remediation or suggestions for improvements.  We call this our
Good Neighbor Program.  Click "Volunteering" if you want to offer your assistance.

* Consult a Certified Public Accountant to determine your ability to realize the benefits of donating to a public charity.
Wetlands are vital to the
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