Committee Involvement - The NFA Board established formal subcommittees related to Membership, Stewardship and
Land Acquisition Committees.  Each committee is led by a Board member and will be comprised of other board members
and other community volunteers.  Each committee will focus on developing operational recommendations and will report
directly to the Board for approval of an action plan.  The Membership Committee will focus on membership solicitations,
communications and community outreach.  The Stewardship Committee will focus on property management and
oversight, including property maintenance, volunteer project involvement, environmental protection and natural
resource monitoring.  The Land Acquisition Committee will focus on developing acquisition guidelines, land donor
outreach, and property feasibility and cost studies.  

If you have expertise relating to our work, such as accounting, appraisal, forestry issues, gardening, legal matters,
public relations, or surveying, we could use your help.

We are also looking for individuals who enjoy the outdoors and wish to hike our properties and keep the Board aware of
safety and maintenance issues, report on unusual or unique property characteristics that you believe interesting to
include on our web site or just to make recommendations about a properties use.

Community Service -  If you or a group is interested in volunteering to offer your assistance or would like to propose
and execute a conservation, maintenance or gardening related project on one of our properties please contact one of
our Board members.

Eagle Scout Projects - The NFA has had a long history of providing Eagle Scout candidates with project opportunities
related to our properties, including trail mapping, building and maintenance.  We currently have town Board members
that are actively involved in local scout Troops and Packs.  Feel free to contact Robert Taylor for more information.

Feel feel free to contact us by phone at 203-270-3650 or by mail to PO Box 213, Newtown, CT 06470
Caretaker, Sarah Brooks, rakes
the leaves at the
Wildlife Preserve on a brisk
November afternoon.
The fields at the Holcombe
Wildlife Preserve are not hayed
until after the summer nesting
of birds has concluded.
Newtown Forest Association
Connecticut's Oldest Private Land Trust