Address:  Corner of Church Hill Road and Washington Avenue
Donated by
:  Julia Wasserman
Acres Owned by NFA:

Parking and access:
 In Sandy Hook Shopping Center
Yes - limited to a 20 foot path to the stream.

The Glen is by far the NFA's smallest Preserve at 1/20th of an Acre; however, probably is the most frequented
and viewed parcel.  The property is situated at the corner of Washtington Avenue and Church Hill Road with its
primary feature being the Traditional Sandy Hook Christmas Tree.

The Glen Preserve has always been a part of the changing times in the heart of Sandy Hook Center. It was
once the site of the village post office and library at the turn of the last century.  The property was donated it to
NFA in 1985 as a public meeting place to be left primarily in its natural state. For many years now, The Glen
has been the location of the Sandy Hook Christmas celebration and was the site of a temporary and living
memorial to the tragedy that occurred at Sandy School in 2012.

This simple public space with our large evergreen tree took on a whole new meaning for the those of us who
live here in Newtown.  Just a few short stone steps down from the paved plaza is a very special place to view
the natural scenic beauty of the Pootatuck River.   Maintained In its natural state, it provides both the solace
and comfort from the busy street above. Though it is one of the smallest parcels of open space the NFA
oversees, The Glen property has become one of the most important and vital parts of the new streetscape
project. The Newtown Forest Association is honored to maintain The Glen Parcel as a community gathering
place to be enjoyed by our entire community.

The Glen - Sandy Hook Center
Newtown Forest Association
Connecticut's Oldest Private Land Trust